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Nthabeleng Phora

Creative Industry Leader




I'm Nthabeleng Phora, and I've spent over 16 years navigating the intricate world of the creative industry, with a particular focus on film and television. Throughout my journey, I've become a seasoned professional known for my leadership and innovative approach.

My commitment to continual learning and growth is evident in my academic background. I hold a Master's degree in Business Administration, specialising in Film Distribution, along with

several diplomas and ongoing studies in areas like Corporate Governance and Risk Management. This dedication to knowledge allows me to tackle industry challenges with a well-rounded perspective.

My impact on the audio-visual landscape is palpable. I've led influential campaigns in collaboration with both governmental bodies and creative sectors, utilising my project management skills to drive initiatives in audience development, distribution, and film festivals. These efforts have increased appreciation for African content and positioned South Africa as a premier filming destination.

As a recognised thought leader, I'm often called upon to share insights at prestigious film festivals, shaping future industry strategies. Beyond this, I actively advocate for skills development and inclusivity, empowering individuals across demographics to participate in the industry.

My passion for equality and transformation extends beyond my professional achievements. I'm deeply involved in promoting economic, racial, and gender balance within the industry, contributing to its future growth strategies as a member of the Institute of Directors South Africa (IoDSA).

In summary, I'm more than just a seasoned professional—I'm a catalyst for change in the creative industry. With my expertise, dedication, and passion for progress, I'm actively shaping the future of film and television, both locally and globally.

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